Sunday, 10 September 2017

We're on our way - well actually we are back now!

But I'll try and remember what happened and where we were, mainly the sun shone bright.

We had a visit to Spinney Bank farm shop (Bridge 23) by car to stock up on pre-ordered fresh supplies, enough to keep us going for our fortnight, having a decent sized freezer on board helps reduce the number of food shopping trips we need to make.

We wanted to get off the Ashby today, so with that in mind we set off around 10 am, a glorious day was had with shorts and t-shirts to boot.  We passed lot of boats heading in the opposite direction, probably heading for Shackerstone festival on the 2nd and 3rd Sept. 

We also passed NB Cheers another Bluewater boat that we have pinched the stern from for our own boat, we also went to visit the owners before our final decision one what we wanted, it was strange looking back at a boat with the same stern as your own, we only know of the two, a quick hello and brief exchange and the moment was gone.

We passed Charity Dock, not pictures sorry, but the amount of 'stuff' is always amazing, a boat jumblers paradise no doubt.

We moored short of Hawkesbury junction on the armco, where the canal is wider and away from the hussle of the junction itself, we don't particularly like the other side of the stop lock, finding it not that comfortable to moor a longer boat on the long bend.
Hawkesbury, earlyish morning get-away 06.50

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