Monday, 21 August 2017

It's been a bit quiet on the blog for a while!

I've not had the inclination to blog much during the last 6-7 months. I won't apologise for that as something far more important has taken my time, fingers crossed that is settling down now and I can start functioning with a bit of normality. 

Back in March my mum had a stroke, the second one in two years, after the first she did amazingly well and led her life as she had before it, with some minor adjustments. But this one was far more serious and life changing. I spent 6 weeks visiting mum in hospital every day, the enormity of the challenges ahead were very real and scary.

The down side is that mum is now in a nursing home, requiring 24hr nursing care, and will never go back home, nor will I be able to take her out to lunch, (happened most Saturdays) Christmas or birthday stay overs or see my mum as the witty loving person I know.

My brother and I will instead see very rare glimpses of the mum we knew, but will be there fighting her corner in every way we can or need to.

During all of this Martin and I have managed to steel some weekends away on the boat, a total relax from the stresses and strains.

So we are planning a bit bigger break in a little while, mum used to read this blog and join us from the comfort of her armchair, she'll never do that again, so I may or may not blog about our next trip but then again....


  1. sorry to read about your mum. Strokes are cruel... both my grandparents and now my own mother have too been afflicted. Perhaps someone will be able to read your blogging to her at the home - quite often there are volunteers who are time rich and kind hearted.

    Mark. x

    1. Thank you Mark, I've tried showing her myself, but it's better just with photos on a laptop. I hardly get any engagement from mum so 10 times more difficult for someone she doesn't know.