Sunday, 24 November 2019


This weekend has seen us winterising the boat, and heading home for the winter, no more weekends away till next year. I'm hoping next year to write a few more posts, this year has been manic trying to sort out mums affairs, work for me (himself being a man of leisure). But next year we have some plans so we're looking forward to that, and I'm a tad excited!

Happy Christmas!

Saturday, 20 April 2019

Boat jobs for the weekend

We've been to the boat several times since February and mum passing, it's recharged our batteries, chilled us out and meant I'm not constantly worrying if we don't have a phone signal.   I must say I'm not missing the driving to Exeter, which was proving to be taxing, tiring and at times traumatic.

This Easter break we've decided to stay put in the marina, we don't do that very often, but due to the weather forecast we figured it would be less than quiet, we have plenty of times when we can go out and not join the crowds.

So this weekend my plan was to wash and then re-proof the front and back canopies, no mean feet on your own, they're huge! having the safety of the pontoon along one side of the boat made it a little easier.  Martin has been doing some bits inside the boat, which meant the inside of the boat being in total upheaval, along with the back steps being removed, he's fiddling with the calorifier and looking at how he can recirculate the hot water to make it more efficient. 

With plenty of solar being produced not the clocks have changed we have been back up to 100% by about 9 in the morning, it means we can solar dump into the hot water tank, cook jacket potatoes in the combination microwave, boil the electric kettle whenever we want amongst other things.  We don't use the shore power at all even in the winter which is a money saver!

Today (Saturday) having finished the canopies yesterday I've turned my attention to the outside of the boat, giving it a thorough was down to get rid of the soot from other moorers winter fires. I only put polish on once a year at the end of the season, glad to say though the boat always benefits from a good clean.

Hopefully the blog will get a little more attention now things are settling down and time appears to be more our own.

Saturday, 9 February 2019

Rest in peace Mum

Early hours on 3 February my mum slipped away peacefully following another stroke early in January. What a strong loving mum.  So grateful my brother and I were so involved with everything about her, even at the end, no regrets at all. Love you lots mum xx

23 June 1934 - 3 Feb 2019