Sunday, 26 June 2016

An open weekend visit

Saturday 25 June - The day started early for us, being woken again at 4am by a very loud blackbird.  I love birdsong and I understand the morning chorus starts around this time of day in the summer, however I'd prefer not to be aware of it on some days and rest in blissful sleep for a while longer.

The Journey to Bluewater boats open weekend was different with the slip roads off junction 12 on the M40 both closed, as well as the b road, so we took a different route.  We arrived just past 10 and were a little surprised to see so many people already in attendance.

On Tuesday the granite had been fitted and on Friday some of the upholstery too, we couldn't wait to see what it looked like so hot footed it onto our boat, wow, we love it! especially the blue flecks in the granite that shine out so brightly with the light.
Granite around the hob area

Dinette seating with upholstery
Covered bow with seat cushions

We're really pleased with the look and feel of the colours and materials we've chosen, and the boat has progressed so much in the last week.

I took some time out and sat on the dinette seat taking it all in, while Martin was showing a couple around, sorry I didn't catch your names but it was very nice to meet you both and to hear your lovely comments about our boat.

The paintwork is also done now, with a clear coat over the top, hopefully this will protect the paintwork and its colour for a good while, the  bow flashes have also been completed. 

We have chosen  to have porthole bungs and these had been delivered on Friday too, I think the window facing part of the covers look great with the blue paintwork on the boat, I really didn't think it would be so similar (I had hoped it would though)
Shiny new paintwork and port hole bung
So that was our latest visit, we retired to our local pub (I can say this as they now class us as locals, asking if we'd like our usual drinks, and that they'll bring them over to 'our' table), so welcoming.

We will be back again on Tuesday to talk to the sign writer about options for placement of our boats name, this is very important to us and has to be right.

There's also a lot of work still to be done so we think the launch date will be put back a little, better that than a rush to get something done for a date we think.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

On count down

Thurs 9 June - We're on countdown to the launch of our narrow boat, this is anticipated (and longingly awaited by us) to be the 4 July, we love the date! painting is well and truly underway, here is today's update picture.
NB Sonia Louise in the paint shed
And this is the photo Martin took back in 2012 when he saw the colour choices and coach lines he liked, I think it looks pretty much spot on.
Lady Lee 2012