Thursday, 9 June 2016

On count down

Thurs 9 June - We're on countdown to the launch of our narrow boat, this is anticipated (and longingly awaited by us) to be the 4 July, we love the date! painting is well and truly underway, here is today's update picture.
NB Sonia Louise in the paint shed
And this is the photo Martin took back in 2012 when he saw the colour choices and coach lines he liked, I think it looks pretty much spot on.
Lady Lee 2012


  1. We hope all goes well with your launch and that it's on time! Safe & happy boating.
    Chop & Glenda x

  2. Lovely looking paintwork. I'm so jealous yours is JUST around the corner... our hull is only now being made and we hope to 'begin' fitting out in mid October. Happy boating,

  3. Ours has been in build since the end of November, and we booked our build slot 2 years prior, and planning since 2008. We're ready to be on it! We've yet to see the paintwork in real life, but I have not doubt it will live up to the pictures. Enjoy your boat build, oh and I managed to get the same fenders you did from Midland Chandlers during Crick weekend at a great price :-)