Thursday, 21 May 2015

A long walk, time for reflection and memories

29 April Sometimes you just need some time to yourself, having taken a couple of days off work to benefit from a long weekend I took myself off to the Kennet & Avon, a lovely day weather-wise was forecast.  I packed a very old Nicholson's, and set out from Semmington.  Lots of green, spring flowers and hedgerows bursting with life. It took me an hour and a half to reach here - the Caen Hill lock flight
The base of the middle section of the Caen Hill flight
I had a lovely light lunch in the cafĂ© near the top, and just took in the view, what a perfect day.  Martin and I have worked this flight a couple of times, even been stopped here mid flight to await repairs to a lock gate that had been lifted off its hinges by a wide beam in front of us.  Suitably refreshed it was time to return to Semmington.
Semmington is there, somewhere way in the distance
 And the reflection, a lovely day with my own thoughts and to remember my dad.