Tuesday, 12 September 2017

New ground

We left Hillmorton by 7 am. Another warm and sunny day for us to enjoy and no plan for where we were to finish. 

We've never been to Braunston on our own boat we had an idea that we would visit Midland Chandlers for some additional bits and bobs.  As we approached the junction the customer moorings outside were taken, so we made the turn R towards Oxford and moored up on the visitor moorings. 

Having a leg stretch is getting to be a daily routine so we made our way back to the twin bridges on foot and walked up to the road bridge and into Braunston itself, it was still early and the pub wasn't yet open.  We looked at the produce on display at the butchers and although there was a good queue for the meats, the fruit and veg outside looked well over its best. We walked back through to Midland Chandlers had a good old nose and picked up some of what we had planned to, then it was back to the boat.

On leaving Braunston the Saturday hire boat rush to and from the junction had subsided, and we mad our way past the Napton Hire base, all the boats bar one were out.  We used to hire from here but never turned left from the base, so going past it saw us covering new ground.

We stopped for lunch shortly after, overlooking fields of crops yet to be harvested, enjoying the shade given by a small tree.  I also took the opportunity to pick some blackberries, cooking apples sometimes need a seasonal accompaniment.
Some welcome shade during a long lunch

With the heat subsiding a little we moved on, enjoying the twisting canal until we reached the moorings that run up to the Bridge Inn, Napton, we secured the last mooring, a 65ft space.  After our evening meal we set off up the hill to the Kings Head, the road leading to it is fast.  We sat out and enjoyed the busy garden area along with many others.

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