Friday, 2 September 2016

Weekend at Hawkesbury Junction

Sat 27 Aug - We left the Lime Kilns after a lazy morning, we headed down the Ashby for the 2hr trip to Marston Junction, where we turned left.  The rush hour had gone and we were on our own, lovely, ominous clouds were looming though in the distance, and we hoped it would stay dry at least until we were safely moored up and inside!  the lightening could be seen towards Coventry, and then the thunder, and then it got louder and more frequent.  We turned the corner onto the final approach to Hawkesbury junction and made a bee line for the first stretch of free Armco, where we tied up just in time as within seconds of closing the rear doors and the hatch the heavens opened.

We viewed the hire boats continuing and remembered doing the same when we had hired.

We ventured down to the Greyhound pub in the evening to see what it was like, I don't think we'll be back in a hurry, and certainly not in the summer during the school holidays, the tables were very sticky, glasses everywhere and not somewhere we would like to perch and eat.

Sun 28 Aug - We stayed put today, we're on a nice wide stretch of canal, away from the sometimes chaotic junction and we have a nice wide stretch of grass too.  There are some very large tasty blackberries in the hedging alongside, Sunday crumble here we come!

We ventured down to the Engine house bridge and walked to the convenience store just through the new housing estate, Sunday paper in hand we walked to the other pub in Hawkesbury the Boat, clean and tidy, and a local drinkers pub, but no real Ale as there is no call for it with the clientele.

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