Saturday, 3 September 2016

I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts, an armchair, rocking horse, waste bins too

Mon 29 Aug - Coventry, after a disturbed night (too many dogs thinking they own the new area they now find themselves in) we left early, actually Martin untied and set off while I was still in bed.  I joined him shortly after a little bleary eyed, a couple of cups of tea later all was well.

Our cruise into Coventry was uneventful, but showed the not so nice side of where you can take your boat.  It had the blackest stretch of water I have ever seen on a canal, our spirits - well mine- were lifted with the smell of the bakery wafting over to us.

Along the way we encountered, coconuts, so many we lost count, two large waste bins that looked like black icebergs from a distance, a bright pink armchair, a television - no remote control seen though, a matching pair of flip flops, and a matching pair of shoes half a mile apart, many footballs, and a rocking horse, not to mention far too many plastic and glass bottles, drinks cans and rubbish bags, with the odd wooden pallet thrown in (literally) for good measure.

The not so nice:

Some of the many cans, balls and bottles

One of the many coconuts, sadly they'll never take route on an idyllic island setting

Once loved and cherished

Pull up a chair and watch....

...some television
A new art installation?

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