Sunday, 4 September 2016

The Motor Museum

Mon 29 Aug - After breakfast we decided to walk into Coventry and have a look around the motor museum, it's a short walk from the canal basin, and free entry.  When you enter you are not aware of the sheer scale of the building and how many exhibits it has, we were gobsmacked by this, and spent a good few hours wandering around.

From bicycles, to the world speed record cars, and everything in-between, here are some photos of our visit.

When we returned to the boat the three others that had cruised into the basin with us had left, we decided to leave too after a very late lunch, so at 4 we left, and made our way back to Hawkesbury for the night, facing in a different direction and looking forward to our return to the peace and quiet of the Ashby canal.

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