Monday, 22 August 2016

Spuddling back to base, and snagging

The best thing we've found is not having a timetable as such, this must be the shortest cruise in the most about of time we have ever done.  We've really relaxed into boating life, we've moored in some familiar places along the way, The Tame Otter, Polesworth and The Lime Kilns amongst them. 

At the Lime Kilns we'd past Tom and Jan on NB Waiouru, once moored I went back and knocked on their boat to introduce myself, I've followed their blog from the start, and it was great to meet them in person, Tom is very talkative and covers so many subjects with knowledge that he is willing to impart, we quite like the stuff Tom puts on his blog - are we sad?

We celebrated our last evening aboard by going to the Lime Kilns for after dinner drinks, it was going to be one drink at the start, we're not into pub singers you see, but little did we know that an evening with Andy Roseby (acoustic singer) was on the cards, he was great and our one drink turned into a lot more! we even joined in the singing, got chatting to his mum and dad and a very proud grandmother, wonderful.

Being back on the Ashby canal was lovely, we were warned by other boaters passing us that the canal was 'shallow' we know this and just nodded our heads and smiled, it's not been a problem for us at all, just caution needed at some narrows and a couple of bends.

Packing the boat up to come home for the first time I found very difficult, really didn't want to leave it, but we'll soon be back.

Our first day back home and we were replying to a Mail from Bluewater asking if we had any snagging issues, we have and they were quick in arranging a visit later in the week to sort most of them, it was nice seeing familiar faces, teas and coffees duly supplied.  We've also had a problem with our generator so the company that supplied it have been out to sort that out too.  Just a couple of other things to arrange dates for and that should be it.
Moored at the Lime Kilns on the Ashby Canal

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