Sunday, 7 August 2016

Huddlesford to Fradley Junction

We moved from our peaceful mooring and made our way to Huddlesford, not really that far to go, but then a couple of hours is all that is needed isn't it?

Having an evening meal on board we ventured to The Plough for a drink or too.  Although there are three bridges here, one of them carrying the west coast mainline, we found it quiet enough during the night and got a good nights sleep.  We went for a walk the following day, giving our legs a good stretch felt good, and we made a circular route along the lanes into Whittington, with a brief shop in the local Co-op (surprising how big this store is) and then a rest in the Bell Inn, if you have never stopped and walked to here it is well worth it, this pub has so much character. We completed our walk back along to the towpath in the company of a local, he told us about his mum being a land girl in the war in Somerset until he reached his house.

The next day we set off to Fradley Junction, an early start, we got to the junction before 9 Martin made the turn and headed back up the Coventry canal, we moored at the end of the line of moorers still in their places from the night before, as it was drizzling I suspect they wanted to see if the day improved, it didn't much, but we have waterproofs and don't mind boating in the wet.

Heading back through Huddlesford we moored nearer to Whittington within reach of bridge 80, handy for the pub and back to the Co-op for the days paper.

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