Friday, 5 August 2016

Onto one of the super highways

We've loved the tranquillity of the Ashby canal , it suits our backgrounds being country folk, the turn right at Marston junction went well but we were very soon aware that we were travelling along a sort of super highway, the Coventry canal was busy and not something we are really used to. We passed Boot Wharf again where we'd launched the boat with our destination being Fradley junction, our turning point.

We descended the Atherstone locks our first locks in this boat, it's an easy flight to negotiate, and well kept by the volunteers. 
Martin safely negotiating lock three of the Atherstone flight.
We moored out in the sticks and had a peaceful night, while watching the sun set.

Sunset, ready for a peaceful night.

We're enjoying our boat and all the planning we have put in is paying off. You'll notice that the dates and days have gone from the blog & intro, due to us not (well me) wearing a watch and neither of us bothered about what day of the week it is, bliss, total relaxation!

And one last thing, I love that you are checking into the blog Mum happy reading, see you soon, love you X

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