Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Small things

12 July -This week the surveyor is going to survey the boat so fingers crossed that all goes well, then on Friday the fitters are coming to lay the flooring.  We also need the front canopy to be fitted, this has I understand been measured and templated.

Last week the electrics were being worked through, LED lights, wall lights and the beating heart of the boat, the engine was installed, it'd been put on the hoist on Thursday during our visit but we missed the actual event which happened later that day.
A rather blurred photo, but you get the idea.
On the home front we still have a growing pile of boat stuff in the lounge.  I've spent some time removing a sticky mass of labels from various items. 

I sent away for some fitted sheets a little while ago for the Cross bed mattresses, I'm really happy with the quality and service from Denise at made to measure. these along with other  boat laundry have been washed and aired.

On Monday we will be visiting the boat builder's again, mainly to try and go through any snagging issues, it's easier to do this while the boat is at the builders yard, then hopefully we'll know more definitely about the launch location and date, the location is dependant on the availability and ability to launch a 65ft boat by crane. 

We are tantalisingly close and will soon have a beautiful boat to enjoy, each time we visit we admire the finish, and the boat feels very relaxing inside.

So one photo for now of the interior, a bedroom full of seat cushions, hope we work out where they all go! and the cupboard handles are now all fitted.

How do all these fit into place?
The next update will now be of the launch, whenever that is, I just hope I remember that there is a blog to update! excitement is building but being contained - just.

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