Monday, 4 July 2016

Not quite launch day today - but the boat is named

Monday 4th July - Not quite ready so we have a slight delay. As our launch date was provisional we thought it might slip, on Tuesday we visited our boat builders and could see a week to get the electrics and associated elements (not least the engine) would take longer.  The flooring, some cupboard doors, front canopy cover still need to be fitted.  Slightly disappointing but we'd rather the last bits of the jigsaw are not rushed.

So I've had to re-arrange holiday again, and have now run out of any other options, I'm desperate for time off, the couple of days over Easter was months ago, I don't intend loosing holiday either use it or loose it!

We have a steady 'pile' of things collecting in the front room. The two reclining chairs we've had for a few years are now dismantled - fingers crossed they fit in.

We'll be visiting the boat builders later this week to see what the state of play is, but it's likely the boat will be launched sometime around or after weekend of 15 July.

On Tuesday we met with the sign writer and went through the lettering style we  wanted and how this could fit into the panels. Here is the one on the bow flash
Our boat now named


  1. Looking good. Good things are worth waiting for. We are the couple that you showed around your boat at the open weekend. We are traveling around Scotland for 3 weeks in our motorhome and will be having a boat trip on the Falkirk wheel in the next few days. This is the first time I have used this site, you did ask me to leave my email address so you could send me some useful information but I don't if it will go public. Looking forward to following your adventures. Nigel @ Lorraine

    1. Hello Nigel and Lorraine, thank you for leaving a comment, happy for you to Email me at - For the blog I have control so for your contact details if you did comment with them I'd never publish. Jealous of the Falkirk wheel trip, you'll have to let us know what it was like, stay in touch, Caroline and Martin.