Monday, 3 February 2020

Today's the day

A year ago today I lost my mum, so it seems a fitting day to move on and look forward to a new chapter in my life.  

I've been waiting for today for several months now even marking an event in my work calendar as 'today's the day'.  Today is the day I handed in my notice at work, what a feeling that was, at 7am I pressed send on the email that has been sat in draft for months, it's had some small itterations to it during that time, but today it was good to go, such a feeling, mainly happy but a bit of a leap too.

Having worked full time since I left school at 16 this really feels like a new beginning unchartered territory, and one that is full of promise, and I'm really looking forward to it.  I now have 15 working days left till my final day 31 March, I have a lot of leave to get in so 26 Feb will actually be my last working day.

There will be some house jobs to do during March, I'll be painting the kitchen, utility and cloakroom, and Martin has his no.1 little helper back, it appears some jobs will need four pairs of hands not two.

Depending what the weather is up to during March we'll think about when to go back to the boat, we also need to think about what our cruising plans will look like for the year ahead, no more time constraints put on us by annual leave, but at the moment we are happy here at home and have plenty to keep us occupied untill then.

Spring is really around the corner with the weather being so mild this winter.



  1. Hi Caroline. May I wish you a good last week at work and many happy years in retirement. Lots more cruising time. Hope we see you somewhere on the cut. Regards Jo

  2. Thank you Jo, fingers crossed, hope to meet you somewhere too, Caroline