Friday, 13 October 2017

Into Thrupp - before anyone else is on the move

We left our mooring at pigeon lock very early before 7, and enjoyed a mist filled cruise with the sun working hard to clear the skies and the mist rolling off lock I found the lock in our favour, we were soon down the lock and onto the river section where the Cherwell joins, lovely deep water.

At Shipton Weir lock I found the lock again in our favour but the lock gate was so heavy I found it really hard to get going, it did eventually and again we were soon out the other side.  We were now approaching Thrupp, long lines of moored boats greeted us.

As we approached Aubrey's lift bridge we could see the services were vacant so we tied up to fill with water and dump the rubbish, taking the opportunity to ave breakfast while the water was still filling.  This was all done and dusted by 8.30

We were soon on our way working through the lift bridge, well thought out here for single handers with controls on both sides.  We spotted several moring spots on the way past the Boat and the Jolly Boatman, time to decide what to do, as we would be turning below Dukes lock to start are return journey we hoped the mooring back in Thrupp would still be free when we got back.

Having gone through the long line of moored craft leading up to Dukes lock. I set the lock and waited worked the boat down and stayed at the lock waiting for Martin to wind and come back in, nearing completion of the turn a boat appeared from the Oxford direction , Martin explained he was winding and going back up the lock, having worked back up the lock I could get back on board and enjoy the cruise back to Thrupp.  We got to a moorning just outside the Jolly Boatman at lunchtime, having tied up for the day we decided a pub lunch was on the cards, as well as a well earned drink, the sun was again getting very hot so this was most welcome.

Relaxing back at the boat, sitting in the cratch with my knitting it was lovely to sit and watch the world go by.

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