Friday, 15 April 2016

Paint - how many colours?

14 April - Our boat build is progressing really well, it appears that we cannot stop smiling as soon as we step on-board.

Having been given a paint chart to ponder at our last visit, we've spent some time looking at the colours outside in natural daylight.  We've looked through our photo store of pictures taken over several years to see what style of paint panels and coach lines we like the look of, and have pondered previous boat builds from our builders photo albums (there are lots!) to see how they might work on our boat.

Our three main colours are Navy Blue, Cream and Red, we'll be meeting with the painter to finalise their positions in due course, as well as the signwriting style, location etc, this will transform the outside of our boat from build view to finished look.

We'll be having solar panels on the roof too, so some time was spent measuring up to see how and where on the roof space they will fit.

The covered bow area is coming on a treat, with the seating area now taking shape.  We love the feel here, it's so calming and a real social space, the oak is giving a really nice hue.  We've tried to think about how we use different spaces at home, as that should translate to how we will use areas on the boat.

We really love the feel of this bow area
Sockets and switches are being installed through out as well as the low profile LED ceiling lights, we hadn't seen these to begin with and it had to be pointed out to us, blinded by trying to take everything in, it's difficult to absorb everything, but we never feel rushed.
Low profile LED Ceiling light
Our Morso Squirrel Multi-fuel burner and entertainment centre will start to take shape now, having decided on a smaller TV we think this will help to make a neater looking unit.

The bathroom is also coming along, the shower tray, enclosure and shower wall panels have been installed, as well as the shower, the basin is also situated on the countertop. 
Shower tray, enclosure and shower wall all in place
Cannot wait for our next visit, our boat is starting to get some character, and regular visits are giving us the boat fix we both need.

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