Friday, 5 February 2016

It's a long way to the front

Weds 27 Jan - We had a busy day today, a call into Bluewater then the scenic route home through the vale of Evesham.

To the boat first then, and how nice to see it with cabin sides and a roof, with the all important (for us) extending roof line over the front cratch area.

We were also wanting to check window positions and side hatch openings, with those now marked out in chalk, at our next visit we should see the holes - hope they're right!

Martin took the opportunity to look down the roof line, a view we'll be seeing quite a lot of in the future, it looks very long indeed!
How far?
A five minute drive to the nearby pub the Bell Inn saw us having an early lunch.  Then back towards home to look at kitchen worktop options and flooring ideas. I'm really pleased our tastes don't differ too much.

And finally, we hope we won't need them but one each side should help if we do
Ready to give a foot up...

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