Friday, 15 August 2014

Disguised as de-cluttering

I’ve been looking through some old photos (disguised as de-cluttering), these shown here are over 10 years old.

Here we are moored on the water point by the Barge Inn on the K&A with our friends boat Icarus (thank you Andrew, can’t wait to share the boat build journey with you!)  We think Icarus is now on or around the Thames, as I came across these photos on flicker recently.
Moored opposite The Barge Inn on the K&A
Waking up to a very early knock on the boat to be told that all the water was gone by a hire boat crew…umm we were afloat, but a walk down to the bridge below and our route back to the mooring revealed that we weren't going anywhere. 
Low pound and our intended direction of travel
Sorry about such a poor quality photo, in my defence it is a pre-digital camera, combined with a very early morning and now scanned.

No use hurrying breakfast then, but a leisurely start to the day after lowering the paddles on the bottom gates of the lock in the pound below us, a phone call to British Waterways who had their depot at Caen Hill, and then walking a couple of locks back to get water on its way down to fill the empty pound, before British Waterways took over the task.

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