Sunday 12 July 2020

Will she or won't she?

We made the journey to the boat on Monday 6 July, after rush hour, really still quite quiet on the motorways, we arrived ready for coffee, soon unpacked and everything stowed away in fridge and freezer, enough to keep us going for 10 days or so.

The boat is filthy, covered in soot from the winter fires on those boats occupied during the winter, a grey film that lingers, but the outside can wait for a clean.

On Tuesday we had some things to do inside before the BSS later in the afternoon, the day as one forecaster had said was 'grotty'.  I vacated the boat after lunch and sat in the car, our first boat safety every, not sure why we were nervous but we were, all done and dusted after an hour with a pass, great stuff, no nasty surprises an some compliments to boot.

We stayed put, due to the weather getting worse, we'd break free on Weds instead, even if there was wet stuff.

Weds dawned and we started getting ready to leave, but then our departure was curtailed somewhat, a dead starter battery! hmm, nothing for it but plug the shoreline in and see what transpired with that, so after coffee and lunch, there was enough in the starter to start the engine, but would it stay charged or would we be stranded, we then tried the generator battery, that was dead too! oops not the best of getaways, but with things tested to make sure they were being charged by the alternator, we left after lunch, turning left and out towards Snarestone.

We decided that a longer run than normal should be done, giving everything chance to recover, so that's what we did.  We passed Derwent 6 and both commented how nice it looked, clean with shiny brasses.  We turned at Snarestone, and headed back to shackerstone and moored on the first bit of arnco on the sweeping bend opposite the long tern moorers, a nice spot and away from the bridge. it has persisted down since.

We move on Friday.

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